MOBA Starter Kit

The MOBA Starter Kit is an ideal starting point for creating your very own Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game.┬áCompletely done in Blueprint it includes a lot of the standard features you would expect from a MOBA like “Dota 2” or “League of Legends”.

Feature List:

  • Character screen in the beginning of the game, where you can choose between 2 characters with different abilities
  • Each character features a set of 4 unique abilities (QWER)
  • Character Stats: Set up attributes like strength, agility and intelligence. Includes a XP-system with level ups. Basic stats like HP/MP + reg
  • Combat system: Supports melee and ranged combat
  • UI / HUD System: Completely done in UMG
  • Inventory System: Including looting system and different types of items like weapons, armor and usable items
  • Animations: The system comes with a set of medieval animations for sword/shield combat
  • AI (Creeps) in lane which spawn every 30 sec and can attack Heroes/Structures/Hostile creeps
  • AI (Jungle Creeps) which just attack Heroes
  • Spawn and despawn after death
  • All fully networked