Game Programming

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Work Examples

Melee Combat System

unreal-engine-4-melee-combatType of Project: Client project

Description:  A melee combat system was built with a similiar approach to what the game “For Honor” is using. The multiplayer-ready system allows for directional attacks and blocks based on the player input. The right thumbstick of a gamepad is used for the directional input to determine the attack direction.

Showcase Viewer

Unreal Engine 4 Showcase ViewerType of Project: UE4 Marketplace

Description:  The Showcase Viewer allows you to create high quality renders of your assets. Image Based Lightning is used to display your assets in the best way possible. The project is available on the UE4 marketplace.

Harvest, Inventory & Crafting System

ue4-harvest-craft-inventory-systemType of Project: Client project

Description:  A harvest, crafting and inventory system was built. Ressources can be gathered, which can be used to craft further items (wood and stone are used to craft a sword). The inventory includes a 3D display of the players character.