Character Creator

The Character Creator enables you to create custom character inside Unreal Engine 4. Customize the look of the character. You can modify body, face, clothing, and props through a character editor.

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Create your own character or empower the players of your game to create and customize their own characters. The runtime customization allows you to use a system which you can find in many (MMO)RPGs. Either create pre-defined characters (can also be used as NPCs) or let the player create its own character. Morph targets allow for easy customization of the body shape. Choose from different colors, and styles for skin, hair and facial hair. Choose from different props and clothing assets. Props and cloth automatically adjust to the proportions of the character. The included model is rigged and scaled to the Epic skeleton so that animations from the marketplace work right out of the box. The project includes a small gameplay demo which showcases how the character creator can be integrated your game.